She couldn't stay silent.Author of "Silent Spring," which sparked the modern environmental movement, Rachel Carson led an extraordinary life. Struggling to find her place in the world as a scientist and a woman, her skill as a writer eventually brings her success and critical acclaim. However, when the destructive nature of DDT is brought to her attention, Carson jeopardizes her success, her health, and most importantly the deep relationship she shares with her neighbor Dorothy Freeman to take a stand for the earth.
Susan Bott (Marie Rodell) Off Broadway: Paula Vogel's And Baby Makes Seven, Julie Kramer's The Best of Everything (New York Times Critic's Choice) and in Amy Wilson's Mother Load (New York Magazine's Critic's Pick). Comedy credits: comedy duo STEVE, (Obie Award winning), New George's sketch comedy group Kinda Personal and Upright Citizens Brigade, NYC. Hundreds of voice overs and commercials. Current national on camera, Iams and Tribe Hummus, but still recognized as Beth, the (former) crazy dancing Swiffer lady. Television credits include the bygone Dana Carvey Show.
The Studio Theatre at Theatre Row
After dominating the elementary school theater scene with her memorable performances as “Pilgrim”, “Pineapple” and “The Ghost of Christmas Present”,  Susan went on to make her television debut at the age of twelve, singing on a Boston based talent show.  She was awarded a trophy taller than she was after winning and was invited back to the show several times. (Who could resist a twelve year old singing about her dignity and how children are the future?)  She was later chosen by several Broadway directors to be part of an intense theater performance program, dashing her father’s hopes of Susan becoming a lawyer.   After earning her BFA and moving to New York City, she continued singing and performing musical theater.  Soon she hit the comedy club scene performing sketch comedy with the Obie Award winning New George’s “Kinda Personal”,  her comedy duo “STEVE” as well as improvising with Upright Citizens Brigade, which, together, couldn’t surpass her proudest career moment... winding up on The Dana Carvey Show’s editing room floor.   Susan recently discovered she is a morning person, which brought her stand up comedy days to an end but, for a good while, Susan was seen up past ten o’clock at such well known club’s as Caroline’s, Gotham and Stand Up NY to name a few.  She still writes for several comics in New York City and occasionally performs musical improvisation when asked or bribed with liquor.   Susan’s comedic writing led to several produced and performed theatrical pieces in New York City, making her known as the “multi character performer to watch”.  During those performances she was discovered by commercial agents and since then she has been hawking cleaning supplies and driving mini vans across your television screen regularly.  She solidified her legacy with her ground breaking role, “Beth the Swiffer Lady”, garnering national attention with fan clubs, mentions in books and morning news programs.  Not only can she be seen on television, but heard as well.  Susan’s voice over talent can be heard regularly in commercials, jingles and cartoons throughout the nation and the world.  (She is huge in Korea.)
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